"Redefine Beauty"

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One of the reasons I am willing to take this bold step is to “redefine beauty.”
And this is why…
I was loved even before I was born. When I came out of my mom, a slimy, purple, ball of tears… she thought I was beautiful. I was beautiful because I was alive!  I grew up in a supportive, loving family - - I felt beautiful!
But somewhere around 6th grade my hairy legs and arms, acne, and “chubby” body, I lost that feeling of beauty. I felt like a hair, fat, pimple-face - - and I felt ugly.
I was influenced by magazines, TV shows, celebrities, and even infomercials. My friends were also influenced and we became great at judging ourselves and each other. Those magazines we loved to read… first they told us consciously and unconsciously that we weren’t good enough… then they took it to a new level and told us how to “fix” those “problem-areas.” How to “fix” myself.   
It took a long time to realize that, “this is who I am.” A lady at church who could tell that I was struggling told me once, “If you just focus on yourself, and stop worrying about what other people think - - they will like you.”

The pressure on women to look perfect is at an all-time high. I am a volunteer for a program called BeYOUtiful and I work with middle school girls. We meet once a month and analyze and destroy lies that are planted in young girls minds. True beauty starts on the inside and radiates to the outside.

Girls often think that, “If I could find a boyfriend to love me… then I would be complete.” Or, “If I could just not eat and lose ten more pounds… then I would look beautiful.” Those are LIES. I believe that our lives are like puzzles. ALL of the pieces are THERE, right inside the box. Of course we have to put the pieces together, it can be fun & sometimes challenging… but point of the story, the puzzle is complete we need to stop looking to the media for missing pieces.

I’m not afraid to shave my head because I am complete. I was created by God and am beautifully and wonderfully made on the inside and out.

My hair doesn’t make me beautiful. My Creator made me beautiful. I’m not trying to make a new definition of beauty… I just want to get back to the original.  J

Confident in Christ,

~Angela Louise Paris

The women below are all BeYOUtiful volunteers & so inspiring to me! They give and give and give some more. They are all truly beautiful!

And of course I'll add a picture of my sweet nieces who are still happy & healthy :)

And above is Gwen. She is my newest BeYOUtiful student and is so inspiring to me! Because of 5 Star & BeYOUtiful she is taking huge steps in her life & blossoming into a true leader. <3

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