What is Beauty?

I got my hair done this morning! It is a vibrant red with blonde highlights. I asked for something dramatic and this sure is... I figured I might as well get a little crazy with my color since I'm shaving it all off anyway right?? I'm really happy with the results... Call UHS at 574 631 5144 & ask to book an appointment with Maria if you like what you see :)

Today I have been a little bit self-conscious since this color is such a big change for me. For me these hair changes are DECISIONS that come along with questions. What would look the best? Will it flatter my face? Is it too crazy? What will people think? Will it fit into what I think 'perfect' looks like? Will people like it?

The need to be perfect is an expectation that people put on themselves all the time... and it's a problem. I don't have time to end this blog all nice & tidy, answering all the questions that are running through my mind... but watch this video by Pink and realize that today's youth is watching us. They put their trust in us, they are going to be like us.


What does all that have to do with this cause? While is isn't directly related to St. Baldrick's, one of the reasons I am shaving my head is to figure out... "What is Beauty?"


Fundraising Day 1

A few of the employees put their hard earned tips into the bowl today. Money they could have used to pay their mortgage, buy groceries, or clothe their kids.

WHY did they donate? They are already going to volunteer their time & shave heads & put in extensions for the event. Isn’t that enough? Why did they also give up their hard earned money? I think they did it because that bowl looked pretty empty at first. Because they wanted be supportive and to raise money for children's cancer research. I think they did it because they are generous at heart and love to give. I can’t help but love them for it. And I can't help but thank God for having His hand on my co-workers and this fundraiser.

 I am so thankful to work with so many kind hearted, go-with-the-flow people. Working is a salon, like any job, can be stressful. We make 100% commission, so if there are no clients... there is no money. I know that University Hair Stylists started out as & is still a family business. There is something very special about working with people that have a history with each other. Although there are a few of us that don't share in that familial tie, I can honestly say that I feel at home in that salon.

Today I went into work at noon. Right once I got there we put up a sign & put out a jar to start collecting money in... Between 12 & 9 we, as a salon, raised 25 dollars! I think this is great start... a team of stylists working together for a greater cause. <3


Testing 1, 2, 3...

Today I thought... I'm going to make a blog today. Turns out it is a little more complicated than I expected, so be please be patient as I change & perfect this page.

This blog is going to track my progress as I submerge myself in fundraising for "The Bald & The Beautiful 2011: ND Fights Cancer." I know you are dieing for details and don't worry... I'll tell you more in a future update. All I know is I'll have a beautiful bald head in approximately 50 days! Ahhhh, so excited!!