I am proud to say...

...that so far, as a team we have raised $650 dollars! I am so proud to have the friends and family that I do that are so generous! People I don't even know have donated!! :)

All of the money raised goes to the St. Baldrick's Foundation (www.stbaldricks.org). This is an organization that started in 2000 when 3 reinsurance executives decided they wanted to turn their annual St. Patty's Day party into a benefit to raise money for children's cancer research. Their goal was to raise "$17,000 on the 17th" and they ended up raising over $104,000!  The movement quickly grew into the world’s largest volunteer-driven fundraising program for childhood cancer research, and today the St. Baldrick's Foundation funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government. 

Since 2000, more than 147,000 volunteers -- including over 12,000 women -- have shaved in solidarity with children with cancer at events in dozens of countries and every U.S. state. Thanks to generous friends and family, these shavees have raised over $90 million for life-saving research, and each is a walking billboard for the cause!

We are making an impact!! :) My goal is $1,000... and Notre Dame's goal is $60,000 this year!

One of every five children diagnosed with cancer will not survive. Thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer each year, and though the number of children who are cured is greater than it was 20 years ago, the loss of one child is one too many. Every child should be able to live a full and healthy life. Every child has a dream - big or small, simple or spectacular.  But too many dreams have been compromised in the lives of kids with cancer.  Some kids are forced to find new dreams, while others' dreams are lost during a battle with cancer.



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